Sunday, December 30, 2012

What is Firepond's ICS ?
Firepond's ICS provides the tools needed to create and maintain the product configuration data, whether it's for a robust enterprise sales system, or the Internet-enabled OnDemand application. Firepond also offers data maintenance services for companies that prefer to outsource their data work. Firepond have developed ICS over 20 years. The company says it has evolved into the most powerful yet easiest to use product configuration data maintenance tool available. Data entry personnel do not need to be programmers, and, as the rules are easy to create and understand, there is less chance for error. And if there is an error, it is easier to locate and correct. The Product Data Tester (PDT) allows the data to be tested to ensure it produces the desired results. "This release of ICS shows Firepond's ongoing commitment to its customers as well as a commitment to strengthening the new OnDemand product," said Firepond's VP of Engineering, Craig Christiansen. "We are excited to offer these products to companies who want to arm their salespeople with all the data needed to accurately configure, price, quote and propose products and services to prospective customers."

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